Online training from CongregationU is always convenient, but while we are social distancing, it’s a necessity!

As a benefit to all churches within our Safe Gatherings enterprise client groups, we invite your staff, volunteers and members to take three of our online CongregationU courses during the month of April—absolutely free. Choose one or all of the following:

Marketing for Churches: This 35-minute course will inspire you with insight and helpful tips and tricks to create engaging, spirit-centered marketing for your church or organization.

First Aid Basics: After completing this course, you will be better prepared for emergencies such as burns, poisoning, cuts, heart attacks, unconsciousness and broken bones.

Stress Management: This 35-minute course will walk you through stress management, including how to recognize stress symptoms when they appear and develop tools to cope with stress more effectively.

Please accept this FREE offer as our commitment to engage, train and support our customers during this unusual time. Be sure to print and save your certificates before the end of April 2020.

Like what you see? We have one more offer for you. Because you are part of a Safe Gatherings enterprise client group, you always receive 20% off the CongregationU rooftop package. Our rooftop pricing means you can offer more than 40 courses to your entire congregation under one rooftop or campus for one low price! Pricing starts as low as $199 per year and is based on weekly attendance. And don’t forget, 20% off a bundle!

Get people talking, sharing and learning. Start today with CongregationU by clicking this link.

Already have a CongregationU account? No problem. You can still take advantage of this offer by clicking above if your organization does not currently have a bundle. Ask your administrator for details or contact us.