Food safety: It's a Must-Have

Churches and other organizations are great places to get together for fellowship over a meal or serve in the community, especially around the holidays. But everyone should know how to keep food safe during those events.
In early November, a well-meaning church served contaminated stew to hundreds of people. The stew was contaminated with Clostridium perfringens (C. perfringens), a common source of food poisoning. This bacteria thrives when food is not kept hot enough. More than 300 people fell ill from the incident.
CongregationU can help your organization learn about how to keep your congregation and guests safe when working with food. We have 3 online training courses that focus on food safety and kitchen management. Learn more by clicking on each course name:
Equip your leaders, staff, and volunteers with the information they need to keep your congregation safe during this holiday season—and all year-round. Our courses are informative, cost-effective, and easy to navigate.
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