Course Summary:

The church kitchen is a place of welcome, where congregants join to share fellowship, celebrate joyful events, or sustain one another through moments of pain or suffering. A well-organized church kitchen, implemented by a well-trained team of staff and volunteers, is a great achievement and the best assurance for harmonious, successful events. This 15-minute course will help staff and volunteers make the most out of your church kitchen. Take this course as a companion to Church Kitchen Safety.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the mission, vision, and purposes of your church kitchen
  • Create a church kitchen dedicated to fostering fellowship and positive experiences for your congregation
  • Manage volunteer and event itineraries
  • Organize workspace, storage, and cooking areas for conducive, productive workflow
  • Sustain a clean, well-stocked kitchen
  • Establish regular and periodic maintenance schedules

Key Topics Include:

  • Purposes and Goals of Your Church Kitchen
  • The Kitchen Ministry Leader
  • The Kitchen Committee: A Ministry of Service
  • Build Procedures and Processes
  • Weekly Duties and Responsibilities
  • Periodic or Seasonal Maintenance
  • Organizing the Kitchen
  • Organizing Non-Food Supplies
  • Laundry: Towels, Linens, and More