Creating an Inclusive Church

Friday, November 18th, 2016

It’s the time of year when some of the most beautiful landscapes are on display, from the colors of the autumn leaves to the hints of frost. In some places, snowflakes are already falling. Despite its beauty, the change of seasons can create a hardship for many churchgoers, especially the elderly and disabled.

Does your church know how to address the needs of these special populations—from the challenges of weather on worship days to the proper accommodations both inside and outside of your church?

CongregationU has introduced a new online course to help you be more inclusive to the members of your congregation. “Church Safety and Accessibility for the Elderly and Disabled” is a 40-minute course that addresses:

  • The need for safe and accessible places of worship for the elderly and disabled
  • Creating goals and a plan for making your church more accommodating
  • How to make your church property and service more welcoming and inclusive

Click here to get started on training your clergy, staff, volunteers, and laity in your church on important topics they need to improve safety, security, and risk management!