Check out our updated course list

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Have you looked at our course list lately? We are adding courses right and left to expand the possibilities for congregations across the country. All of these courses are included with the course bundle, which is an extremely cost-effective way to train all of your congregants.

Most recently, we’ve added the following courses:

  • Capital Campaigns for Churches: planning a successful campaign, and learning about the benefits and risks
  • Diversity in the Workplace: making your church workplace diverse, and learning about the benefits and challenges of diversity
  • Foodborne Illness: Awareness & Prevention: avoiding sickness when preparing and participating in church dinners or other occasions
  • Back Injuries and Ergonomics: keeping your back safe as you work and volunteer at church, as well as how ergonomics can help

Think about people in your congregation who might need these courses: staff, clergy, volunteers, laity. The learning options are endless!

What courses would you like to see? Let us know!