CongregationU Has Your Risk Management Needs Covered

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

In a church environment, risk management is a team effort. While worship, children’s education, and other activities are happening, there are many people working behind the scenes to ensure everyone is safe, secure, and well-cared-for. How do you make sure all of your team members are on the same page?

With CongregationU, you can train all of your clergy, staff, volunteers, and church members on risk management and other topics they need to know about. Currently, there are nearly 40 courses available—with more coming soon!

Each user can train at his or her own pace online. Churches can buy courses individually, or try a cost-effective bundle to get all courses in the training bundle for one low price.

The well-being of everyone in your church is a team effort. Make sure you have the right training and risk management strategies in place!


Tips for your Church Social Media

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Social media is a powerful outreach and communication tool, and your church can reach more people than ever before. However, instant technology can have its drawbacks.

CongregationU offers a 30-minute online course that will help users develop safe practices when using technology, as well as create effective posts that draw people to your church.

This course offers information about:

  • The most popular social networking sites
  • The benefits of social media for churches
  • Creating effective posts on behalf of your church
  • The risks of social media
  • Protecting your social media sites

Your church can purchase this course for one user—or better yet, buy a cost-effective bundle so you can get ALL THE COURSES in the bundle for one low price.