Train your entire organization on how to recognize the signs of sexual harassment with courses from CongregationU.

Harassment in the workplace can happen anywhere, even in churches and faith-based organizations. It’s time to ensure that your organization is doing all it can to stop it.Some states such as New York and California now require workplace sexual harassment training. Do you know what the requirements are for your state?

Don’t leave your workplace vulnerable to a sexual harassment lawsuit. Educate your leaders, staff and volunteers on how to spot sexual harassment in the workplace.

Choose from the following two online courses from CongregationU:

Sexual Harassment Training – Harassment Awareness for Employees: This 25- minute course (1 hour for New York employees) will help employees and volunteers have an awareness of sexual harassment and take action to stop it when they see it happening in the workplace. 

Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers: This one-hour course (2 hours in California) will empower clergy, leaders, supervisors and managers to create a harassment-free work environment. 

Sexual harassment courses from CongregationU are faith-based, developed from real-life scenarios, easily trackable and come with a certificate of completion for each user. Our courses are also affordable.

Buy it for individual users or buy it for everyone in your church or organization with our cost-effective rooftop pricing, which includes more than 40 courses!

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