Social media and your church

Social media can be a powerful outreach and communication tool, and your church can reach more people than ever before. However, instant technology can have its drawbacks.

CongregationU offers a 30-minute online course that will help users develop safe practices when using technology, as well as create effective posts that draw people to your church.

This course offers information about:

  • The most popular social networking sites
  • The benefits of social media for churches
  • Creating effective posts on behalf of your church
  • The risks of social media
  • Protecting your social media sites

Your church can purchase this course for one user—or better yet, buy a cost-effective bundle so you can get ALL THE COURSES in the bundle for one low price.

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Tip: Photography is an important component of social media, but churches can get into trouble if they don’t have permission to use a person’s photo. Simple written releases can release a church’s liability in specific situations.