sexual harassment training

Recent changes in California law require employers with five or more employees, including temporary and seasonal employees, to provide sexual harassment training.

Employers must provide at least 2 hours of training for all managers and supervisors and at least 1 hour to all nonsupervisory employees by January 1, 2020. Employees and supervisors must complete the training within six months of being hired or promoted.

Have you heard? CongregationU, sister company of Safe Gatherings, can help you meet these new requirements. Our online courses:

  • Are faith-based
  • Provide real-life scenarios taking place in churches and similar organizations
  • Are easily trackable
  • Include a certificate of completion for each user

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Sexual Harassment Training – Harassment Awareness for Employees in California: This 1-hour course fulfills the California time requirement and is available for just $16 per user + 20% discount = $12.80 per user!
Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors in California: This 8-module, 2-hour course for supervisors and managers complies with California standards AB1825/2053 and SB 396/1343. It is available for $27.50 per user + 20% discount = $22 per user!

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