Southern Mutual Church Insurance provides resources in many areas of church administration, and that’s why they are offering a 20% discount on online training from CongregationU, a leader in faith-based online training.

CongregationU provides online training on the practical aspects of church life, from risk management to human resources to overall health and wellness. Our online training is faith-based and presents scenarios that happen in churches and organizations across the country.

Most courses are around 20 to 30 minutes, and the training is online so it is available at your convenience. Easy administrative tracking means your organization can purchase, assign and monitor course progress in one administrative dashboard.

When congregants are empowered with knowledge, they can serve more effectively in all aspects of church life. Train all of your leaders, staff and congregants for one low price with our cost-effective rooftop pricing, which is based on church attendance and starts as low as $199 annually (less 20% for SMCI customers).

Visit or call 866.862.5855 for more information. Or, to take advantage of this special offer right away, log in to your SMCI account to receive your discount code.