Church Van and Bus Safety

Many churches and faith-based organizations rely on vans and buses to meet transportation needs for congregants. They use these vehicles for local service trips, to pick up the elderly or those with special needs for service, or transport groups for overnight trips.
Larger vehicles pose additional challenges and safety hazards that go beyond those encountered when driving a standard vehicle or large SUV.
Brush up on your van and bus knowledge with this 50-minute online course from CongregationU. In this course, users will learn about:
  • Choosing the right vehicle for your needs
  • Required safety equipment
  • Screening and licensing requirements for drivers
  • Safety precautions for drivers and passengers

Everyone who drives, maintains, or is responsible for your church bus or van should take this course! Set up an account and purchase this course at or call us at 866.862.5855 with questions.

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