Course Summary:

Churches have to make many different types of decisions, and often they hold business meetings to decide on complex matters. This 25-minute course walks you through parliamentary procedure, drafted in 1876 by Henry Martyn Robert to follow the principles of parliamentary law. Robert’s Rules of Order help streamline the process of church business meetings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about Robert’s Rules of Order and its value in churches
  • Follow the specific rules of order and the roles of meeting participants, including the chairperson
  • Recognize the order of business meetings
  • Identify terminology associated with parliamentary procedure
  • Learn about common motions and voting rights
  • Know about general meeting courtesies and how to prepare for meetings

Key Topics Include:

  • Why Congregations Use Parliamentary Procedure
  • Small Board or Committee Meetings
  • Designating a Chairperson
  • The Role of the Chairperson
  • The Order of Business
  • Quorum of Members
  • The Agenda
  • Debate on Motions
  • Common Motions
  • Classifying Motions
  • Making a Motion
  • Common Terms
  • Voting Rights
  • Successful Meeting Planning
  • General Meeting Courtesies
  • Parliamentary Procedure in Practice