Sexual harassment training

Harassment is not just illegal; it can create an uncomfortable, threatening, and unpleasant environment for all people within a workplace. Sexual harassment happens in all environments, including the church workplace. For a church, a public sexual harassment lawsuit can have far-reaching consequences: decreased morale, attendance, productivity, and work quality, and damaged reputations.

The state of California takes the issue of sexual harassment seriously and has additional compliance requirements that exceed those of related federal laws. For this reason, it’s important that your church thinks now about getting all employees invested in creating a harassment-free church workplace.

CongregationU has two online, up-to-date sexual harassment courses for clergy, staff, and volunteers:

  • Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors in California (AB 1825/AB 2053): This two-hour course is designed to meet the requirements of both AB 1825 and AB 2053, which took effect in January 2015 and requires training on abusive conduct.
  • Sexual Harassment Training – Harassment Awareness for Employees: This 25-minute course will help employees and volunteers have an awareness of sexual harassment and take action to stop it when they see it happening in the workplace.

With CongregationU’s online training, you can track who has been trained for your church’s protection! Cover your bases now so you can get down to other important church business. Set up your account online or call CongregationU today at 866.862.5855 to begin training the clergy, staff, and volunteers in your church on sexual harassment and other important risk-management topics. Click here to see our course list.

Tip: California law requires that employers who have 50 or more employees provide sexual harassment training for all managers and supervisors, update the training at a minimum of every two years, and ensure that new managers and supervisors receive their training within six months of being hired or promoted. By law, the training must take a minimum of two hours to complete.