Hiring Church Pastors and Staff


The most important decisions a church or faith-based organization makes are often not “what” decisions, but “who” decisions.

In order to hire the best possible candidates for church positions, a search committee must develop and implement an effective hiring strategy and process. This hiring team creates job descriptions, reviews resumes, conducts interviews, extends job offers, and much more.

In its newly released course, “Hiring Church Pastors and Staff,” CongregationU informs clergy and staff about:

  • The important role of the hiring committee in selecting pastors and staff
  • Qualities that characterize a successful, effective search committee
  • Prudent hiring of clergy and staff
  • Establishing hiring priorities for your church
  • Strategies for funding new positions on a limited budget
Hiring is a thoughtful process that cannot be rushed—and committee members need the right tools to ensure the greatest possible outcome. This course can help your clergy and staff make wise hiring decisions—today and in the future.
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