A safe and healthy church nursery

When families leave their children in your church nursery, they trust that you will not only provide the best possible care, but also that their little ones will be returned to them safe and unharmed.

These babies and toddler might be laughing or they might be crying, but you can take steps to make sure they remain safe and healthy while under your care. For example, did you know that it is illegal to sell or donate cribs that do not comply with federal crib statutes?

CongregationU has released two new courses that focus specifically on the church nursery. “Church Nursery Safety: Furnishings, Products, and the Environment” and “Church Nursery Safety: Policy and Procedures” can inform your staff and volunteers of the essentials when it comes to this special area of your church ministry. For example:

  • The importance of creating a safe and secure church nursery environment
  • Safety standards and certifications for infant and toddler products
  • Safe and secure entry to the church childcare setting
  • Ensuring that toys, furnishings, and the environment are safe and hygienic
  • Safe procedures for proper handwashing, diapering, feeding, sleep, and playtime
  • Establishing procedures and processes for illness, accidents, and emergencies

When you buy a cost-effective online training bundle from CongregationU, you’ll get both of these courses—plus over 30 more! Explore the rest of our courses here.

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