Course Summary:

Proper telephone skills are more important than ever in today’s world. Although modern technology allows for more communication, good communication still depends upon the people handling those calls.

Based on their interactions with you on the phone, what will callers think about your church and how it treats those who contact your church for assistance?

Relationships and loyalty from your congregants and outside callers are built on a foundation of consistency and trust. When you interact on the phone with people, you are leaving an impression about your church, as well as a reflection of your own professionalism. In this 20-minute course, users will learn quick tips for handling the telephone like a pro.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic expectations of callers
  • Know the importance of answering all calls promptly and professionally
  • Direct calls accurately and politely
  • Convey a positive impression of yourself and your church
  • Manage a high volume of calls and messages
  • Know how to handle difficult calls

Key Topics Include:

  • Meeting Caller Expectations
  • Creating Positive Impressions
  • Using Your Voice: Tone, Pace, Volume, Word Choices
  • Clear Communication
  • Keeping Callers Informed
  • Saying “Yes, I Can…”
  • Screening Calls
  • Making Calls
  • Setting up Voice Mail
  • Handling Numerous Calls: 5 Habits of Effective Call Management
  • Handling Difficult Calls