Course Summary:

In a church setting, there are many opportunities to bring together two or more people for a meeting. Mastering solid meeting management skills can greatly improve your church’s effectiveness and reach. This 25-minute course will help you plan, conduct, participate in, and follow up on meetings appropriately, and achieve buy-in from participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify different types of meetings and the relevant skills and processes involved
  • Have solid guidelines to effectively plan for and conduct a successful meeting, and proactively delegate and follow up on assigned tasks afterward
  • Know what you need to about meeting etiquette and how to get the most out of a meeting as an attendee

Key Topics Include:

  • Types of Meetings: Status Update and Problem-Solving; Innovation, Planning, and Decision-Making; Information-Sharing and Team-Building
  • Dynamics and Skills Involved in Different Meeting Types
  • Conducting a Successful Meeting
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Building a Meeting Agenda
  • Agenda Topic Relevance and Time Constraints
  • Preparing Your Meeting Space
  • Meeting Layouts: Boardroom, U-Shaped, Classroom, Theater
  • The Meeting Itself
  • Conducting the Meeting to its Close
  • Meeting Follow-Up
  • Meeting Etiquette for Attendees
  • Common Gripes About Poorly Managed Meetings