UPDATED FALL 2022! Course Summary: Sexual harassment law is designed to provide employees with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected in the workplace. But harassment law also provides peace of mind for employers, who can be held liable for the actions of their employees. As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to provide all employees with a safe place to work without feeling threatened or uncomfortable. This four-module course will put you in a position to make a real difference as your church or faith-based organization strives to create a harassment-free work environment, and will help you comply with Illinois laws.

Time: Approximately 55 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Know how federal laws and court cases have influenced sexual harassment mandates
  • Identify the types of behavior that can be perceived as harassment
  • Learn about laws specific to Illinois
  • Define the criteria for harassment in a court of law
  • Learn the two main categories of sexual harassment
  • Identify situations that could present potential problems in the workplace
  • Recognize your role as a manager in sexual harassment scenarios
  • Conduct a proper harassment investigation

Key Topics Include:

  • Module 1 – Defining Sexual Harassment and Relevant Legal Precedent: Explore the definition of sexual harassment, the relevant federal laws, legislation specific to Illinois, criteria for harassing behavior, and the types of sexual harassment.
  • Module 2 – Sexual Harassment Investigations and Policy Enforcement: Learn about situations specific to a faith-based environment and why they are risky. Learn about the importance of training and how harassment prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Learn about zero-tolerance policies, sexual harassment claims, cooperating with an investigation, conducting an investigation and disciplinary action.
  • Module 3: Conclusion and Final Exam