Course Summary:

The elderly and people with disabilities have valuable gifts to share with their congregations. But many struggle with attending church because they simply cannot easily access the building or its offerings. This 40-minute course will help you evaluate your church’s accessibility to these populations and help you remove barriers to make the environment more inclusive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the history and current status of church safety and accessibility for elderly and disabled persons
  • Understand the need for safe and accessible places of worship for the elderly and disabled
  • Create goals and a feasible plan for making your church safer and more accommodating
  • Learn about specific resources to support and guide the project
  • Identify steps to make your church property and service more welcoming and inclusive
  • Enhance the worship experience and establish greater outreach for elderly and disabled persons of faith in your community

Key Topics Include:

  • Statistics on the Elderly, Disabled, and Churches
  • Churches and the ADA
  • Architecture and Attitude
  • The Safety and Accessibility Committee
  • Ask the Experts
  • Funding Safety and Accessibility
  • Ramping It Up: Accessibility Success Stories
  • Evaluating Your Church Facility for Safety and Accessibility
  • Reviewing Physical Spaces
  • The Church Exterior and Interior
  • Church Lighting
  • Accessibility for the Hearing and Visually Impaired
  • Environmental Accessibility: Fragrance and Chemicals
  • Emergency and Accident Procedures
  • Maintaining the Safety and Accessibility of Church Property and Systems
  • Liability Insurance and Risk Management
  • Invite the Elderly and Disabled to Join Your Community