Course Summary:

Missions are a very important undertaking for many people. And as with other ministries, having good leaders for this endeavor is important for success. Leading a mission trip means you will take on many roles and responsibilities, including those of being a guide, liaison, service leader, fund raiser, coordinator, and all-around “go-to” person. This 45-minute, two-module course will help you inspire and lead a team on a successful mission trip. This course also includes printable travel checklists.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify desirable leadership traits necessary to lead others
  • Learn more about roles, responsibilities, and logistics you’ll need to manage as a team leader
  • Know what’s involved in choosing a location and type of mission
  • Learn about organizing team meetings, necessary training, and distributing information to your team
  • Manage and communicate appropriate interactions and security concerns
  • Set reasonable expectations, and know more about making the mission trip experience meaningful for those being served, your team, and yourself

Key Topics Include:

  • What Makes a Good Leader?
  • Mission Trip Leader Responsibilities
  • Types of Mission Trips: Outreach, Care Package, Medical, Construction, Disaster Relief, Practical Skills Training, Family Ministry, and Family Mission Trips
  • Your Mission Trip Budget and Scheduling Payments Destinations
  • Training and Preparation: Physical, Emotional, Informational, Spiritual, and Financial
  • Raising Funds and Gathering Materials
  • Departure Checklist, Traveling Safely, and Rules of Engagement
  • Your Team’s Checklist Before Departure: Six to 12 Months Prior, Three Months Prior, One Month Prior, Three Days Prior, and Departure Day
  • Packing Tips
  • Going Through Customs
  • Rules of Engagement and Appropriate Interactions
  • Traveling Safely
  • Worship Services
  • Managing Expectations
  • Tips for a Successful Mission Trip
  • Post-Mission Follow-up