Course Summary:

In the United States today, there are six living generations and, of the six, the millennial generation is the largest. Though they have been researched, analyzed, scrutinized, and discussed, millennials still remain a mystery to many who would like to understand and connect with them—including churches.

In their hope of attracting millennials, churches often wonder what type of worship service, programs, or teaching style they can offer that would draw this generation in, and keep them attending once they start. However, there is no single approach or style of religious practice a church can adopt that will attract everyone in this, or any other, age group.

In this two-module, 60-minute course, we will get to know millennials, some of the reasons they are leaving churches and religious practice, and what they are looking for in a community of faith.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the unique set of interests and characteristics, along with social, cultural, and faith attributes that many millennials share
  • Better understand the millennial journey in the search for life’s meaning and purpose, and how it relates to churches
  • Identify the wide range of reasons millennials are leaving churches and religious practice
  • Learn features and qualities millennials are looking for when searching for a church and community of faith
  • Understand why it is essential for churches to reach and attract millennial members
  • Understand the qualities and attributes millennials search for in a faith community
  • Recognize the value of intergenerational relationships, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for millennials
  • Learn the significance of the church website, social media, and the church’s physical environment for engaging millennials

Key Topics Include:

Module 1:

  • Meet the Millennials
  • Will the Real Millennials Please Stand?
  • Millennials and Money
  • The Millennial Journey
  • Millennials are Leaving the Church
  • Millennials and Faith
  • Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?
  • Church Through the Voices of Millennials
  • What are Millennials Looking for in a Church?
  • Mentoring and Opportunities to Lead
  • What are Millennials Looking for in a Worship Service?
  • Technology, Media, Church, and Millennials
  • Gifts Millennials Can Offer a Church

Module 2:

  • Why Do Churches Need Millennials?
  • Getting to Know and Understand Millennials
  • Single or Married?
  • Gifts Your Church Can Offer Millennials
  • Church Leaders and Millennials
  • What are Your Goals as a Church?
  • Your Church’s Message of Faith
  • The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships and Mentoring
  • Providing Leadership Opportunities for Millennials
  • The Church Website
  • Millennials, Social Media, and the Church
  • Additional Steps to Attract Millennials
  • Responding to a Millennial Guest
  • The Church Environment
  • Creating Physical Spaces that Resonate with Millennials
  • Challenges on the Path of Connecting with Millennials