Course Summary:

Many churches are made up of a diverse fabric of people of all ages, interests, colors, and cultures. But how does that diversity translate to the group of people who make up the church workplace? In this 25-minute course, users will learn the challenges and benefits of a truly diverse environment, as well as effective strategies to incorporate diversity into the church workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the meaning of diversity
  • Know about diversity principles in the church workplace
  • Learn the benefits of diversity in the church
  • Recognize the challenges of a diverse workplace
  • Look within and challenge yourself to appreciate inclusion and diversity

Key Topics Include:

  • Diversity Defined
  • Transition to More Diverse Workplaces
  • Tracing the Roots of Diversity
  • Perception vs. Reality
  • Establishing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Step 1: Understanding That People are Different
  • Step 2: Accepting the Differences in People
  • Step 3: Appreciating the Differences in People
  • Step 4: Including a Variety of People in the Workings of Your Church
  • The Great Lessons of Diversity
  • Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace
  • Why is Diversity Such a Challenge?
  • Diversifying the Church Workplace