Course Summary:

Whether at work, home, church, or in our community, most of us in our daily lives need to communicate directly with others, either by way of spoken conversation or through some form of written communication.

Even the best communicators can improve upon their skills and learn to communicate more clearly, assertively, and effectively. In this 25-minute course, you will learn how to better connect with others in all aspects of your life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define effective communication and your role in the process
  • Understand why effective communication is important in both your personal and professional lives
  • Identify the elements of effective communication
  • Learn ways to implement effective communication in different scenarios

Key Topics Include:

  • What is Communication?
  • Importance of Communication in Relationships
  • The Prevention of Unwanted Problems
  • Strengthening Levels of Trust, Honesty, and Respect
  • The Key to Business Success
  • Elements of Effective Communication
  • Listening to Understand: Becoming a Better Listener, Focusing Your Attention, Feelings Matter, and Let the Other Person Finish
  • Promoting Win/Win Communication
  • Fostering Accountability: Taking Ownership of Problems
  • Building Trust
  • Being Assertive: Saying What You Mean
  • Choosing Your Medium
  • Your Message: What You Say and How You Say It
  • Communicating Instantaneously
  • Spell Check and Grammar Check Are Not Perfect
  • Know When to Step Away
  • Conflict Resolution