Course Summary: As congregations everywhere make decisions about if, how and when to return to in-person worship and other activities, the cleanliness of your facility and personal safety of your congregation are key components.

Cleanliness has never been more front of mind than it is today against the backdrop of COVID-19. This worldwide pandemic has moved cleanliness from a “normal” level of expectation to a potential matter of life and death.

This course is designed to cover the diverse aspects of cleaning and disinfecting your facility, no matter its size, and incorporating today’s additional needs. While all faith-based organizations most likely already have a cleaning program in place, your plan may need some updates, or there may be aspects of cleaning your congregation has not considered or is not currently doing. In addition, it is always wise to prepare for the unexpected.

Time: Approximately 60-75 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how schedules and checklists play an important part in your overall cleaning program
  • Learn about germs and how they are spread
  • Know the differences among cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing
  • Learn about the different tools and materials needed for an effective cleaning program
  • Plan for the frequency and variety of tasks for specific areas within a facility
  • Consider the potential benefits of outside cleaning contractors and churchwide cleanup days
  • Learn how to plan for the unexpected onset of a contagious virus
  • Consider suggestions for many aspects of worship and gatherings that will help ensure the safety of members and guests

Key Topics Include:

  • The Keystones of a Successful Program 
  • Congregational Cooperation 
  • Germs and You 
  • How do People Spread Germs? 
  • Knowing the Terms: Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing 
  • Focusing on Proper Technique 
  • Tools of the Trade 
  • Training is Important 
  • Soft Surfaces 
  • Entry Matting 
  • Areas: Entrances and Lobby Areas 
  • Areas: Sanctuary 
  • Sanctuary Pews and Seating 
  • Areas: Fellowship Hall and Kitchen Areas 
  • Areas: Staff and Administrative Offices 
  • Areas: Classrooms and Nurseries 
  • Areas: Restrooms 
  • Areas: Storage Areas, Attics, and Basement 
  • Special Surfaces and Objects 
  • Larger Projects and Additional Help 
  • On a Budget: Cleanup Days 
  • Using Extra Precautions 
  • Greeting and Welcoming 
  • Physical Distancing 
  • Extra Cleaning and Serving Food/Drinks 
  • Communion and Offering 
  • Attendance and Worship 
  • Increased Communication 
  • Additional Measures