Course Summary:

The safety of children living in a world filled with seven million wonders is the principal focus for staff and volunteers in the church nursery. Though other aspects of the childcare ministry may seem more fun or enjoyable, none is more important than safe, well-maintained equipment and furnishings. These, along with a secure, hygienic environment, are essential in the church childcare setting. This 45-minute course, a companion to “Church Nursery Safety: Policies and Procedures,”  discusses church nursery safety for children from birth through 36 months old.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of creating a safe church nursery environment for the health and well-being of infants and toddlers
  • Learn about safety standards and certifications for infant and toddler products
  • Recognize the value of a safe entry to the church childcare setting
  • Define the various areas of safety concern within the nursery
  • Learn steps you can take to ensure toys, furnishings, equipment, and the environment are safe and hygienic for children who attend the church nursery
  • Know essential safety equipment to stock in the church nursery, along with applicable inspection and maintenance guidelines

Key Topics Include:

  • The Importance of Church Nursery Safety
  • The Nursery Entry and Check-In Area
  • Nursery Security Systems
  • Children’s Products and Safety Regulations
  • Cribs and Crib Maintenance
  • Crib Mattresses and Bedding
  • Crib Hardware and Additional Crib Guidelines
  • Nap Cots and Sleeping Mats
  • Diaper Changing Areas
  • The Child’s Restroom
  • High Chairs, Strollers, and Walkers
  • Playpens
  • Children’s Furniture and Large Toys
  • Going Green: Eco-Friendly Furniture and Toys
  • Preventing Tip-Over Accidents
  • Televisions and Audiovisual Equipment
  • Stairways and Protective Barriers
  • Windows, Blinds, and Draperies
  • Doors, Closets, and Exits
  • Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
  • Electrical Safety
  • Water Temperature, Room Climate, and Air Quality
  • Storage of Chemicals, Cleaners, and Medicines
  • Safety Equipment and Emergency Procedures
  • Maintaining Safety in the Nursery