Course Summary:

The success of a capital campaign is directly related to the commitment, expertise, and effectiveness of the campaign committee leaders, as well as the strength and willingness of donors. This 60-minute courses guides learners through the capital campaign process, including the benefits and risks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define types of capital campaigns, their phases, and components
  • Identify capital campaign risks for churches
  • Know how to launch and conduct a feasibility study
  • Build a capital campaign team
  • Establish campaign financial goals, budgets, timelines, and processes to track donations and expenses
  • Create well-produced and persuasive communication materials
  • Manage and track fundraising

Key Topics Include:

  • Types of Capital Campaigns
  • Capital Campaign Risks
  • Capital Campaigns and Smaller Churches
  • Components of a Capital Campaign
  • The Quiet Phase and The Public Phase
  • The Feasibility Study
  • The Campaign Team
  • Campaign Financial Goals and Costs
  • The Capital Campaign Timeline
  • Funding the Campaign
  • Crafting the Vision Statement and Case Statement
  • Fundraising
  • Types of Capital Campaign Gifts: Pledge Gifts, In-Kind Gifts, Other
  • Communication Materials
  • Campaign Events
  • Gratitude and Recognizing Donors
  • Capital Campaign Disappointment