Course Summary:

Back pain and injury is the second most frequently reported cause of lost or restricted work time, including for low-impact sedentary jobs. In this 25-minute course, users will learn important information about back injuries, including the classifications and risk factors. The course also discusses how ergonomics can play a role in the church work and volunteer environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know about the three main classifications of pain and different kinds of back injuries
  • Identify different types of risk factors that contribute to back injury
  • Define ergonomics and its role in a church work and volunteer environment
  • Address ergonomic considerations for moving around, lifting, and carrying
  • Identify ways to implement ergonomic furniture, sit-stand workstations, and an ergonomically friendly environment
  • Know how to keep yourself healthy to reduce risk of back injury

Key Topics Include:

  • Defining Pain
  • Categories of Pain
  • Identifying the Problem
  • Types of Back Injury and Pain
  • Risk Factors
  • Back Pain and Ergonomics
  • Good Sitting and Standing Posture
  • Proper Lifting and Carrying
  • Properly Lifting and Carrying a Baby or Small Child
  • Using Equipment to Reduce Your Load
  • Creating a Safe and Ergonomically Sound Environment
  • Ergonomics at a Desk
  • Maintaining Your Health