Just last week, one person died and eight others were injured in a school shooting at a Colorado STEM school. This is just the most recent of a line of senseless shootings happening all over our country in all types of venues: schools, shopping malls, and yes, even places of worship.

Do your leaders, staff and volunteers know what to do if an act of violence strikes your facility?

CongregationU has a course that can help you train your people to know how to handle an emergency situation:

Active Shooter Situations in Church Settings

This 5-module, 50-minute course (available in English and Spanish) will help empower people both inside and outside of congregational settings. Learn how to:

  • Define active shooter situations and how they differ from other emergency situations
  • Know your personal responsibilities when faced with an active shooter situation
  • Recognize law enforcement’s role in an active shooter situation
  • Identify possible violence indicators
  • Know the importance of planning and preparing for emergency situations
  • Learn about how churches pose specific challenges in active shooter situations

Buy it for individual users for just $18 per license or buy it for everyone in your church or organization with our cost-effective rooftop pricing!

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