When your staff and volunteers know better, they do better. Give them the knowledge they need to be aware of sexual harassment with online training from CongregationU. Help them avoid harassment in the workplace with faith-based scenarios that inform them of the definitions and ways to report behavior.

Some states require training about sexual harassment. We offer general awareness and supervisory courses, PLUS courses written to comply with New York, California and Illinois sexual harassment training requirements.

Check out these easy, efficient offerings:

Sexual Harassment Training – Harassment Awareness for Employees: 30 minutes
This course will help employees and volunteers have an awareness of sexual harassment and take action to stop it when they see it happening in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers: 1 hour (2 hours in California)
This training will empower leaders, supervisors and managers to create a harassment-free work environment and know how to handle complaints. 

Sexual harassment courses from CongregationU are easy to navigate and assign. After passing the course exam, staff and volunteers can download a personalized certificate of completion.

With CongregationU, you can buy a course for one user, or buy it for everyone in your church or organization with our cost-effective rooftop pricing, which includes more than 40 courses on topics such as safety and security, facility operations and more!

Contact us about your online training needs: call 866.862.5855 or email info@congregationu.com.