Active Shooter Situations in Church Settings

It’s a busy Sunday morning and the church is buzzing with activity. As people take their seats for the worship service, a person walks into the church and starts shooting. In your church, what do you think would happen next? In today’s world, many congregants have thought about this type of emergency and how they would act in those critical moments, but are they prepared?

Active shooter situations don’t happen every day. But they do happen—even in places of worship. It’s important that churches are prepared to handle any security emergency. CongregationU has just added a new course, “Active Shooter Situations in Church Settings,” available for everyone in your congregation.

This 45-minute online course:

  • Is based on the Run-Hide-Fight protocol of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies
  • Is written for anyone in your church who wants to have a better awareness of security
  • Outlines specific plans churches can establish to act responsibly and keep everyone as safe as possible
  • Was reviewed by a law-enforcement officer and trainer with 15+ years of experience in handling sniper and active shooter scenarios

Call 866.862.5855 to ask us about the active shooter course, as well as other CongregationU courses. Arm all your church members with the knowledge they need to stay safe!

Tip: In an active shooter situation, the primary objective of the first law enforcement officers on the scene is to locate and stop the person or persons believed to be the shooter(s). At that time, they will not be focusing on anyone who is wounded.