Build a Course | Custom Courses

With CongregationU, you have several options to train your clergy, staff, volunteers, and laity. In addition to providing online training course options, our system enables you to create your own courses. Build one or two courses, or provide an entire curriculum for groups in your congregation, it’s up to you!

Use our Course Builder tool to create content to help you:

  • Replace printed information with online handbooks and training
  • Train, test, and track employees and volunteers
  • Create a knowledge portal for every aspect of your church
  • Communicate your church’s vision, mission, and values
  • Post and track your church’s policies and benefits information for staff

It’s easy to use the Course Builder. It allows you to:

  • Write fresh content for your congregation
  • Convert instructor-led training to online training
  • Copy and paste from existing documents
  • Link to documents and information on your website
  • Import or embed videos
  • Include test questions and quizzes
  • Have people sign off on policies and procedures
  • Develop new materials quickly to meet cyclical training needs
Train anyone in your church quickly and easily by building your own courses!

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